Great Delivery

I have ordered PVP powder, they deliver on time! Thanks !!!
- Annabelle

Quality Product

Customer service is very good. It took 3 days as promised and i received my package on time. Even though i was reluctant at first, but i now believe Dark Chems is a trustworthy vendor. Hoping to maintain a long lasting business relationship with them. Thanks Again.
- Brain Panko

Received product

Thanks a million to the entire network for your collaboration. Product arrived and in the right quantity and quality. Planning on ordering more
- Joseph Rberson


This is my first time ordering out of France and my products arrived as promised. I appreciate the honesty. Keep up and i will refer my friends to you Merci Beaucoup!!!!
- Pierre Anold Luke

Best Service

Best Service Ever.. 24x7 on spot costomer Service.. Value for money No Bugs No Cheating Fast tracking Provided. It's All Very Very Very Good Service I really appreciate
- Armel Patrick

Good Quality

Quick, good quality, friendly customer service, even for bulk orders, at the same time, I recommend
- Sandra Pounds

Easy to order

Easy, convenient, fair and trustworthy. They made it so easy for me to order and resell my products without hassle and for a fair market price. Shipping, assessment and payment were all prompt, as was response to any questions. It's hard to believe a trustworthy vendor like this exists these days. Thanks once again
- Janet Loh

Excellent Service

Excellent service. I requested a box of Opioids and Research Chemicals with packaging material and it was sent promptly. I mailed in my computer and the company honored the original online quote. I received prompt delivery once my payment was approved. I'm very happy with the service
- Darby Jose

Easy and Quick

After getting replacement for my order which was mixed up, it was time to sell the old one. Did some research and darkchemsvendor has the best price and they had an easy process. I definitely recommend them
- Greg NC

A simple and fast process

A simple and fast process is exactly what I received from darkchemsvendor. I googled this company and many others and I trusted Darkchemsvendor after reading thier reviews. I was still nervous when I ordered , but my delivery was as promised the very next day after they received my payment. I trust them!
- Edward Amos

Incredibly fast

Incredibly fast and Incredibly fair. I appraised my item honestly and their delivery agent agreed. I was supplied within one business day, just like they said I would be. I will only order my chemicals and stimulants through Darkchemsvendor from now on!
- Stephanie Koehl

I give these guys 5 stars

I give these guys 5 stars! I am a new user and was skeptical at first, but they quoted me a great price, and upon receiving my payment, I received my package within days - so happy with it, took it and quality was great as well. Thanks
- Kristin Kole

Slow delivery

Its been a week and haven't received my package yet. i am beginning to become suspicious
- Alain Grants

Wonderful customer service

Got to talk to a real person very quickly. Offered knowledgeable advice to my questions. When i ran out of options, they offered me a very generous, real discount. Very pleased.
- Catracho De Corazón

I reached out via the web chat and…

I reached out via the web chat and John answered. Although he initially wasn't able to provide the information I requested. He took my information and let me know he would follow up. A few days went by when he reached out with the information I requested and worked with me every step of the way to purchase. I truly appreciated his persistence and keeping me notified. I would recommend Darkchems Vendor and their customer service, if you reach out hopefully you will get John
- Samantha Queen
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