Buy N-Ethylhexedrone Online. Ethyl-hexedrone Crystal is also known as n-ethyl-hexedrone, or hexen.  It is a stimulant research chemical that is categorise as a cathinone. Also, Ethyl-hexedrone’s stimulation is believe to be cause by its affinity as an NDRI (norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor). However, there have been no scientific studies confirming this.

More so, Ethyl-hexedrone is closely relate to hexedrone, with another ethyl-group on the terminal amine. However, This addition makes it about 3x as potent as hexedrone…happy days!

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Ethyl-hexedrone was first synthesize in 2011, but became available in the research chemical market during late 2015. Also,  upon which it explode in popularity, so be sure to try it!

Also, Ethyl-hexedrone is a substitute cathinone. This means that it features a phenethylamine core with an alkyl group attach to the alpha carbon. And an oxygen group attach to the beta carbon. Also, Cathinones are beta-ketone analogues of amphetamines.

Ethyl-hexedrone can be compare to the much better known pentedrone. Moreover, Hexedrone is a chain extend version of pentedrone. Extension of the carbon chain usually results in less potency. However, the addition of the ethyl group to hexedrone increases its potency significantly. This also leads to the conclusion that ethyl-pentedrone would result in an even more potent chemical.

Not for human consumption.

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