What is Ephenidine?

Buy Ephenidine Powder Online. Ephenidine is a potent research chemical that falls in the diarylethylamine class. Also, It is a dissociative that is often toute for being stronger than ketamine and MXE for producing distorting results. However, Ephenidine is an NDMA antagonist. If you plan on conducting experiments with Ephenidine, then be prepare to expect findings of spatial disorientation. Also, changes in the perception of gravity, tactile suppression, drifting sensations, environmental cubism, psychedelic hallucinations. Therefore, Make sure that laboratory safety procedures are use and respirator masks too during experiments.

Where to buy Ephenidine?

Darkchemsvendor.com is one of the top ephenidine vendors online. More so, We have high-quality ephenidine in several different forms. Thus, If you do not see your prefer form as an option,  contact us to check when it will be available. Our chemicals are for research purposes only and are not for animal or human use.

Buy Ephenidine powder Online and diarylethylamines is medicines for neurotoxic wounds.

Arylcyclohexylamine boycott, when it was deliver on the online examination synthetic market. However,  It is to promote close by diphenidine and methoxphenidine as a substitute for methoxetamine (MXE)

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