Buy doc powder online 2,5-dimethoxy-4-chloroamphetamine (DOC) – is a psychedelic substance of the phenethylamine, and amphetamine chemical classes. It was presumably first synthesize by Alexander Shulgin, and was describe in his book Pihkal (Phenethylamines I Have Know And Loved).

Doc,is a substitute alpha-methylated phenethylamine, a class of compounds commonly know as amphetamines. The phenethylamine equivalent (lacking the alpha-methyl group) is 2c-c. Doc has a stereo-center and r-(-)-doc is the more active stereoisomer.

Doc, is in our advance section of research chemicals for very good reasons, the average experiment of doc ranges from 0.5–7.0 mg the former producing threshold effects, and the latter producing extremely strong effects. The onset of the substance is 1–3 hours, after effects can last well into the next day

Buy doc powder online

Unlike simple amphetamines, Doc is consider a research chemical that influences cognitive and perception processes of the brain. The strongest suppose effects include open and closed eye visuals, increased awareness of sound and movement, and euphoria

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