Buy 4F-PHP Crystal online. 4F-PHP may also go by the name 4-fluro-pyrrolidinohexiophenone. Also, It is an analog of the compound alpha-pyrrolidinohexiophenone with 4F-PHP distinguish from its parent compound by having the aromatic ring fluorinate. However, Fluorination of drug compounds can sometimes increase bioavailability and lipophilicity. Thus the highly electronegative character of fluorine. This can change the topographical charge of the molecule interfering with metabolism. And giving the compound a longer half-life. The electronegative fluorine atom should make the carbonyl less polar and reduce the reactivity of the compound.

4F-PHP ( where to buy 4F-PHP online )
4F-PHP belongs to the class of chemicals known as substitute cathinone. However, The substitute cathinone is a series of compounds which feature a phenethylamine backbone. Including a ketone at the beta carbon and various alkyl moieties substitute at the alpha carbon adjacent to the amine. Also, 4F-PVP and α-PHP have a butyl substitute at the alpha carbon. The nitrogen itself is transform into a pyrrolidine moiety as it forms a five-member ring with four other carbons. Many of the cathinone compounds have stimulatory effects when consume. Some induce states of euphoria and some act as entactogens. They  relate to the chemical compound cathinone, a substance derive from the plant Khat which is native to the horn of Africa.

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