Buy Scopolamine Online. Scopolamine, also known as hyoscine, or Devil’s Breath,[8] is a natural or synthetically produce tropane alkaloid and anticholinergic drug that is formally use as a medication for treating motion sickness and postoperative nausea and vomiting.[9][1] It is also sometimes use before surgery to decrease saliva.[1] When use by injection, effects begin after about 20 minutes and last for up to 8 hours.[1] It may also be use orally and as a transdermal patch since it has been long known to have transdermal bioavailability.

Scopolamine is in the antimuscarinic family of drugs and works by blocking some of the effects of acetylcholine within the nervous system.[1] Scopolamine was first written about in 1881 and started to be used for anesthesia around 1900.[11][12] Scopolamine is also the main active component produce by certain plants of the nightshade family, which historically have been use as psychoactive drugs (known as deliriants) due to their antimuscarinic-induce hallucinogenic effects in higher doses.[9] In these contexts, its mind-altering effects have been utilized for recreationalcriminal and occult purposes.[13][14][15] The name “scopolamine” is derive from one type of nightshade know as Scopolia, while the name “hyoscine” is derive from another type know as Hyoscyamus niger.[16][17] It is on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines.[18]

Medical uses

Scopolamine has a number of formal uses in modern medicine where it is used in its isolated form and in low doses to treat:[19][20]

It is sometimes use as a premedication, (especially to reduce respiratory tract secretions) in surgery, most commonly by injection.[19][20] Common side effects include sleepiness, blurred visiondilated pupils, and dry mouth.[1] It is not recommended in people with angle-closure glaucoma or bowel obstruction.[1] Whether its use during pregnancy is safe remains unclear, and use during breastfeeding is still caution by health professionals and manufacturers of the drug.[26]


Scopolamine enters breast milk by secretion. Although no human studies exist to document the safety of scopolamine while nursing, the manufacturer recommends that caution be take if scopolamine is administer to a breastfeeding woman.[26]


The likelihood of experiencing adverse effects from scopolamine is increased in the elderly, relative to younger people. This phenomenon is especially true for older people on several other medications. Scopolamine use should be avoid in this age group because of these potent anticholinergic adverse effects, which have also been link to an increase risk for dementia.[27][28]

Adverse effects

Adverse effect incidence:[5][29][30][31]

Uncommon (0.1–1% incidence) adverse effects include:

Rare (<0.1% incidence) adverse effects include:

Unknown frequency adverse effects include:


Physostigmine, a cholinergic drug that readily crosses the blood–brain barrier, has been used as an antidote to treat the central nervous system depression symptoms of a scopolamine overdose.[32] However, Other than this supportive treatmentgastric lavage and induce emesis (vomiting) is usually recommend as treatments for oral overdoses.[31] Thus, The symptoms of overdose include:


Also, Due to interactions with metabolism of other drugs, scopolamine can cause significant unwanted side effects or unpredictable synergies when taken with other medications or compounds. Thus, Specific attention should be paid to other medications in the same pharmacologic class as scopolamine, also known as anticholinergics.

Furthermore, These additional compounds could also potentially interact with the metabolism of scopolamine: receptor-binding analgesic/pain medication such as gabapentinoids or opioidsethanolcannabinoidszolpidemthiazide diureticsnicotinebenzodiazepinesbuprenorphine, and especially anticholinergic drugs such as tiotropiumdiphenhydraminedimenhydrinate, etc. More so, Nicotine in particular likely has a counteracting effect on the effects of scopolamine due to its opposing effect on acetylcholine signaling. Buy Scopolamine Online

Route of administration

Furthermore, Scopolamine can be taken by mouthsubcutaneouslyin the eye, and intravenously, as well as via a transdermal patch.[33]


Also, Scopolamine undergoes first-pass metabolism and about 2.6% is excreted unchange in urine. Thus, Grapefruit juice decreases metabolism of scopolamine, consequently increasing plasma concentration.[34] Buy Scopolamine Online


The effects of scopolamine are meditated through the drug’s competitive antagonism of the peripheral and central muscarinic acetylcholine receptors. Scopolamine acts as a nonspecific muscarinic antagonist at all four (M1M2M3, and M4) receptor sites.[35][36]

However, In doses higher than intend for medicinal use; the hallucinogenic alteration of consciousness, as well as the deliriousness in particular are tie to the compound’s activity at the M1 muscarinic receptor. Buy Scopolamine Online

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